100_1430Envirohire Ltd offer a variety of methods for odour control and dust supression.

Mobile unit – A trailor mounted bowser and atomiser can be moved into position to reduce the odour from chambers or drilling work. Using a fragrance the atomised liquid mixes with gases to help prevent complaints from neighbouring properties. The unit can also be placed on haulage roads to combat the arising dust from wagons and plant.

Permanent system – Using a permanent ring main (typically installed on the sites outer perimeter fencing) a number of atomisers can be strategically placed to create a mist of fragranced liquid to assist in reducing unpleasant landfill odours. Like the mobile unit a similar permament system can be sited by haulage roads, recycling centres or anywhere that causes dust related issues.


100_1085Envirohire Ltd are able to design, install and maintain leachate treatment systems using aeration process.

An aeration blower feeds air into an air ring main infrastructure installed around leachate treatment lagoons. Submersible diffusers are connected to the ring main and placed in the leachate to promote the bacterial growth to help treat the liquid.

We offer a maintenance package to clean the diffusers of precipitate and service the air pump.



DSC_0091Extrusion welding is a manual welding process used for Polyethylene (PE) & Polypropylene (PP) materials.

Uses include:

  • Manufacture and repair of thick-section structures – such as tanks, pipes, leachate chambers and knock-out pots.
  • Joining lining material – for the construction of landfill waste sites and lagoons.



100_1947CCTV Surveying of Chambers, Wells & Pipelines

Using Atex rated camera equipment, we are able to inspect chambers, wells and most types of pipelines classified up to Zone 1.

Our engineers use the system to inspect the internal condition of remote or enclosed areas.

The operator can view the live feed and guide the camera remotely to the exact point of concern.


The findings of the survey will help highlight any potential problems that may exist.


electrical pump installationElectrical pumping systems are a proven method for the control of landfill leachate and condensate.

Electrical pumping systems are often used within leachate chambers, combined gas and leachate extraction wells and condensate knock-out pots.

Envirohire Ltd offers a complete package of design, installation, service and maintenance on all electronic leachate pumping systems.






Envirohire Ltd engineers have many years experience in the installation of both major gas and leachate pipework infrastructure.

Combined with our expertise in Butt-Fusion, electrofusion and extrusion welding we are able to offer a professional and efficient service to install any type of landfill pipe.

Our services include


  • Gas pipework
  • Leachate pipework
  • Knockout pots
  • Valves
  • Gas/leachate manifolds
  • Chamber headworks
  • Flare connections
  • Recirculation pipework
  • Monitoring points
  • Repair work
  • Pump connections


DSC_0055As a landfill expands existing well infrastructure will need to be raised to a suitable height for continued gas extraction and leachate management.

We are able to offer a service to raise both steel and PE casing using our tested safe methods of work. Any head works can be removed and re-installed on completion of the task.

Threaded steel casing can be supplied by our in house engineers to the required specification.


Unservicable chambers can be decomissioned using a complete backfill of bentonite slurry.

Another method is to weld an electrofusion blank coupler to the chamber below ground level in preparation for covering.



DSC_0033Envirohire Ltd offer a unique method for leachate removal from chambers.

Using a water fed venturi system leachate is efficiently extracted from boreholes and returned to the system header tank for discharge to storage/removal or re-circulation.

We offer a permanent eductor system as well as a more compact mobile eductor system (capable of up 8 chambers) which is also available for hire.


What are the advantages over pneumatic/electric pumps

  • An eductor pump can be installed down a narrow borehole.
  • The eductor pump can be fed down a spiralled borehole.
  • Runs 24/7.
  • Has only 1 moving part in the eductor pump.
  • Requires little maintenance which can often be done at the surface.
  • More cost effective.
  • More reliable than any other pumping method – many of our eductor pumps are still running after 15 years.
  • Is not affected by excessive heat in chambers .
  • Multiple boreholes can be added to the system infrastructure with ease.
  • Can be installed in gas extraction wells.

Envirohire Ltd rate our eductor system over any other method of leachate extraction and as such are willing to offer a free trail period of a mobile eductor system*

*Does not include labour, mileage or/any permanent pipe work infrastructure. Returnable deposit required. 



Pneumatic pumping systems are a proven method for the control of landfill leachate and condensate.

Pneumatic pumping systems are often used within leachate chambers, combined gas and leachate extraction wells and condensate knock-out pots.

Envirohire Ltd offers a complete package of installation, service and maintenance on all pneumatic leachate pumping systems.



buttfusionButt Fusion Welding techniques are used for joining the pipes made from Polyethylene (PE) used mainly within the water and gas industries.

This jointing method is carried out using our automatic machines.

Each welded joint is given an ID number and recorded on the machines internal memory database. Details of the weld are printed and saved for the customers/CQA records.

Typically we join pipes with outside diameters in the range 63mm to 630mm.

We can arrange to have an engineer team directly follow a Dragon Drilling (Landfill) Ltd drilling rig and complete pipework installations following the drilling work.




DSC_0020Envirohire Ltd have over 18 years experience in joining PE pipe using electrofusion welding. Our engineers believe this to be the most efficient and reliable method for joining pipework and it can be undertaken in limited spaces.

We are able to electrofuse pipes from 20mm to 630mm diameter using stringent preparation proceedures to ensure a structurally sound joint.




Over time silt and debris builds up within leachate chambers and gas boreholes. This can have an adverse effect on gas and leachate extraction and may result in costly re drills.

We are able to remove the silt using a de-silting air shoe to better the boreholes and help make them compliant.

The air shoe will succesfully de-silt a chamber up to 250mm diameter – however using our process we are able to de-silt larger diameter chambers that would not usually be possible to do.



Confined spaces and ba gearOn occasion dangerous gases can build up inside and around the perimeter of a chamber making a hazardous working environment. Our engineers have proven experience and certification for working in such an area.

Working in teams of three to allow for an observer/banksman we are able to complete a variety of tasks that would often be deemed as too dangerous to proceed.

Personal gas monitors are issued to each engineer to alert for arising danger.